Home Inspection Testimonials

I also use these great RWS products in my business and just this year we have picked up 9 new agents simply because our USP's were better and provided value to their clients. Much thanks to Nathan and team, they are always available and responsive. Not all companies are in it to help the little guys, we appreciate it!

~Brian Fish
WIN Home Inspection Mount Vernon
WIN Home Inspection Whatcom

I stumbled on to Nathan and his company because I watch for successful people and tend to follow and ask questions. Although he is a very busy person he picked up the phone the first time I called and spent 30mins + with me explaining how his products help me and my clients. His company has opened my eyes to a whole other level and has given me a path for a successful business. Him and his company is awesome and go way above and beyond to help you in any way and their products are absolutely amazing and help everyone, no matter what side of the transaction you're on. I would definitely recommend him and his company and will be adding more services as times roll on and of course I will be getting more successful through his help.
Thanks so much!
~Johnny Harper
J and J Home Inspections

Nathan and his team are the best people you can get to know to help grow your business! Not only are they there for you but they treat you like family...a business family. Each time I've added one of their services to my business, I always ask myself why I didn't do it sooner. Thanks Nathan! You guys are awesome!

~Mike Courtemanche
I-Team Home Inspections

I submitted a RecallChek for a client at @ 0530 this morning and then finally went to bed at 0630. When I woke up at 1300 and opened my email the RecallChek response was waiting for me. I forwarded it to my client and they received it just about 8 hours after they received my inspection report. I can't say enough good things about this great program. Thanks to all of you at RWS!!

~John Scott
Alpha & Omega Home Inspections Co., LLC

I just finished looking at comparisons and I thought that this was very interesting. I started using your services around March of last year and ever since then we have pretty much maintained triple digit growth. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the great service and products. It really pays to partner with the best company in the industry.

~Brian Walker
En-Vision Property Inspections

P. Nathan Thornberry's new book "Change|Up ? A Guide To Going Big" is not only big, it is bold, brash and even audacious which is of no surprise with Thornberry's juggernaut approach to anything and everything business. As to be expected, this book is chock full of marketing and business insights for the home inspection business owner. Employing just a fraction of these gems will give you a leg up over the competition. The book is simple and straight forward and in my opinion makes great sense. I don't necessarily have the personality for home inspection world domination nor do I share the "killer instinct" with that of the author. However, this book ? much like "The Hungry Home Inspector" - motivates and inspires me to focus on growing my business. I don't get a whole lot of satisfaction from attics, crawl spaces or report writing but I do get satisfaction from making bank deposits. If you're in the home inspection business to make money, this book is a must read.

~Eric Stone
Pillar To Post

You Nailed It! The Conference was full of energy; full of dynamic information that I took home and began implementing. Loved your 2nd day with ISN. Thanks Nathan and entire staff for providing great products and marketing information.

~Liz Rothweiler
Castle Home Inspections

Thanks! RecallChek turned up another dishwasher recall. This is my 4th dishwasher flagged and verified as having fire hazard issues!! Just wanted you to know this is a valuable "peace of mind service" I have come to rely on. Also a great after the sale marketing tool. I appreciate it!!!

~Craig Garfield
Pillar To Post-Tucscon

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for how you handled the claim on our garage door. You went above and beyond your duties and our expectations! RWS 90 Day Warranty and A Pro Alliance Home Inspectors are 2 companies I would recommend to anyone. I really appreciate the great job my Realtor Judah Castagne did by referring me to these 2 outstanding companies. You really know how to treat a customer.

Thank you,

~Dan Stacks

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the support, courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness of both RWS 90 Day Warranty Claims, and Guaranteed Inspections, which provide this service with their very thorough evaluation of my home-to-be.

It's comforting to know and work with trustworthy people.

Thank you!


~Debra Terrio

Thank you for your quick response. Pro Tech was very thorough and professional and made themselves available on very quick notice. My realtor, Kira Epstein, recommended them and uses them often. I was particularly impressed that they offered a 90 day warranty with the inspection as I had not experienced this when I purchased a home before.

It was a great experience overall.


~Robin S. Levenston

It is indeed a great relief and I'm very pleased with the fact that this warranty was in place. A big Thank You to Fisher Home Inspections and to RWS for providing such a great service to us, homeowners. Your assistance was impeccable and professional. I will keep this in mind for the future and will recommend it to friends and family.

Best Regards,

~Susana Pinheiro

I am very pleased with the claim process and the help you offered.

I believe your combined services are excellant, honest and responsible. I would highly recommend Residential Warranty Services and National Property Inspections to other home buyers and realtors.


~Biao Luo

I recently purchased a home in Palm Coast, Florida working with realtor Bryant Cochran, an agent from 100 Plus Realty Group. Bryant suggested a superb home inspection from House 2 Home Inspection that included a warranty. Just as the warranty was about to expire, the bathroom shower mechanism developed a water leak that was leaking water on the bedroom carpet. The leak was immediately fixed but I left town the next day to attend to a family emergency. My claim was made after the policy expired. I praise RWS who allowed my claim. They went above and beyond the strict "letter of the law."

Personally I would like to thank everyone involved. It made my purchase experience go smoothly.

~Donna Bakley

Thank you James for the quick resolution to my plumbing claim. I appreciate how efficient you were and I appreciate Ace Preferred Inspections including the warranty with my inspection. I am a satisfied customer!

Have a great day!

~Heidi LaPan

My wife and i are very pleased with RWS and i was certainly pleased with the "pleasant" and " friendly" attitude you (James Beckley)showed via phone conversation and to know that all was well and complete. Also i am glad to say that Mike West with Dreamkeepers that did our inspection is in the same category as well. Good, friendly, reliable and efficient people and business are hard to come by these days but i am pleased to have RWS service with our home in Conway.

Thanks a lot,

Cliff Reeder

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this note of appreciation for the quality service provided by RWS SewerGard and staff James Beckley. We had water backing up and slow drains on both bathrooms, (shower drain and toilet) on our new home we had just purchased and moved in caused by roots in the sewer. Thanks to The Elite Group Property Inspection Service when they provided there service to us they informed us about the add on service for new home buyers through RWS SewerGard. If it would not have been for Elite's add on service we would have had to pay out of pocket unexpected amount to have this issue fixed.

I must say the prompt support by James Beckley and RWS SewerGard was outstanding. He answered all my questions and concerns throughout this unexpected situation we were having. You should certainly feel proud of such resources, who can bring in goodwill for the company.

I appreciate the way you have trained your staff and fast response to opened claims like mine. Once again thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success.

~Sandy Rodriguez

Hey you guys! GOOD WORK

I placed the call to the manufacturer, Maytag, for my client; I simply gave them the model and serial number and the address of the inspection?they came right back with the recalled item, and in this case, the service call and date by authorized dealer here in Tucson; this was quick and the client (and me I might add) were impressed to see that the service works when there is a recall.


~Craig Garfield

Pillar to Post - Tucson


I just want to take a moment to express my appreciation for Inspector Services Group's professionalism and service. Your warranty service provides our clients with peace of mind because it's reassurance that if a mechanical or structural issue occurs after their inspection, a warranty is in place. We are very pleased with this warranty and will continue offering it with our home inspections along with other safe guards you offer, including RecallChek and SewerGard. These create a win/win for our home inspection business and our clients, and we thank you!

I look forward to our continued business relationship and would not hesitate to recommend your company to other inspectors.

~Mike Swaim
Arkansas HomeTech Inspections, Inc.

The excitement of my first time home purchase quickly faded to tension and worry after discovering unforeseen underground water pipe issues that were not revealed at the initial home inspection. However, thanks to the advice of my wonderful realtor Flo Abke from Realty Executives Select in St Clair Shores, MI I had a home inspection performed by Hawk Eye Home Inspections that is backed by the amazing SewerGard service of RWS Inspector Services Group. Hawk Eye?s home inspection policy offered a full spectrum of comprehensive coverage that included: a 90-Day Warranty on mechanical and structural issues, a RecallChek comprehensive recall report, and SewerGard protection for underground water and sewer lines. The SewerGard program ended up saving me $2,000.00 after the discovery of damaged pipes leading to the sewer. I cannot stress enough how wonderful it was to have a home inspector that has the backing of such high quality programs like SewerGard. These programs help to provide both the peace of mind and support that all home buyers should have when purchasing a new home. I could not be more pleased with the service that RWS provided throughout the entire claim's process, with both an expedited review as well as helpful and attentive customer service. I would highly recommend Hawk Eye Home Inspections, along with RWS backed services to any home-buyer. It will save you thousands of dollars and give you the peace of mind that only the highest quality of service can provide.

Thanks again for everything.

~Chad Lang

We recently moved in to a house, with the help of some very special people. Our realtor, Ron Plechaty, with Ming Tree Real Estate has been exceptional at meeting our needs, both before and after, moving into our new home. Ron recommended a trustworthy inspection team. Oni Shaw and Wild River Inspections. They not only gave us a complete inspection, but it was backed by a superior warranty service, 90 day Warranty and SewerGard.

After moving into the house, we discovered that we had a few issues that needed to be taken care of. We talked to Ron and he reminded us that we should contact the 90 day Warranty Service. Oni Shaw and Julie Campbell, with Wild Rivers Inspection were very helpful and encouraging to us about filing a claim with the warranty service. We have been in close contact there with James Beckley, who helped us through that process.

We had a sewer line problem, and our heat pump broke down. The SewerGard has been a relief to us, as they are taking care of those expenses for us. Underground pipe issues are hard to detect in an inspection, and we are relieved that SewerGard is taking care of our plumbing problems. The company was quick at deciding they could help us with this problem.

We are grateful that all these people worked together with us to make this move a good one.

~Garnet and Bjorn

I really appreciate all of the hard work and dedication from the whole team at Inspector Service group. Especially Tiffani's hard work on my marketing design and Nathan's patience and helping me with so much. You guys are incredible. Any inspection company that is not using your services is simply making a mistake.

Thanks Again.

~Bill Schultz
Convenient Home Inspection Services LLC

Danelle was given a trifold brochure I had and made it look fantastic. Communication with her was easy and the edits were done promptly.

Thank you very much.

~Jim Troth
Habitation Investigation

I wanted to send you an email to pass along to you and your employees of how happy I am that I discovered all the services that you offer about 13 months ago! I can?t say enough about what RecallChek and the 90 Day Warranty programs have added to my services and the benefits of these services for my clients, but I really wanted to give you a huge shout out on the Google Ads program that I signed up for at your conference last year. I have tried this system with Google before and have had decent results and to tell you the honest truth, I forgot all about signing up for this service thru your company back then.

Well, all I can say is that January was my second best month of my career as a Home Inspector and I couldn?t figure out what was causing my phone to ring so much until I received an email today from your employee Katie Smith with the statistics from the Google Ad campaign. I am ranked at 1.6 average position and that sounded pretty good until I called a buddy of mine who is a co-founder of Geek Squad from what he knows about this type of marketing. His first word was ?incredible? and described what all that meant such as me being at the top of the page instead of the side, etc?all I cared about was the fact that my phone was ringing in January and has been just as consistent in February 2014!

Please keep up the good work with all the services you offer and once again, I can?t thank you enough for everything!!

~Trachy Echols
Echols Home Inspections

Tiffani is awesome! She provided a great brochure layout with a quick response time and I am thrilled with the results. The added features from RWS provide a marketing edge to what others offer.

Thanks for your services

~Dennis Hoffman
Hoffman Home Inspections

When I contact Michael Doerr I know two things will happen... 1-he will get back to me quickly and 2-he will make sure everything is all-right. All-Right? That's actually an understatement. Michael has ensured my satisfaction and exceeded expectations by far. When I am happy, he finds something else to improve upon. In fact, I have started to feel guilty bringing things to his attention because I don't want Michael to think I am unhappy. He has always made me feel that I am an important client and left me with the impression that his product was customized for me (whether that's actually true or not, I am not sure, but it's a nice feeling). Above all, I am impressed with Michael's demeanor. He is pleasant and approachable. We met in the fall and he didn't pressure me to make a sale - he tried to understand my requirements and listened. He patiently answered questions and by the time we bumped into each other at the airport later on, we were closer to friends than business associates. Michael is a true asset to his company and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

~Frank Gruszewski
Blueprint Building Inspections

Just wanted to send a special thanks out to Michael W. Doerr and the rest of the P Nathan Thornberry staff for there exceptional customer service. Mike has been working diligently with me recently in regards to training an employee for presentations, working with us on our new pest control website, updating our marketing info etc... RWS ROCKS!!!

~Jason D'Amato
ComfortSpec Home Inspection

I offer RecallChek and the Alarm Leads Program to all my clients. Information is key today and people are happy to know that their inspector will update them every month for life on any recalled appliances they may have in their home.

~Tom Harding
TH Inspection Services

Oni Shaw and I were very happy with Ryan Camp's work on our website. He has been very patient with us as new website people who have very specific visual and site desires and I know we will all continue to learn as we pursue this web world together.

Thank you Ryan and also to the others on the team. We appreciate it.

~Julie Campbell, Home Inspector
Wild Rivers Inspections

I would like to express how very pleased I am with my 90 day home warranty service and coverage from Residential Warranty Services. I appreciate my Realtor, Rebecca Dawson and broker Jim Dawson, for their time and hard work and to Rod Dunn of Inspector Clouseau Home Inspections, for offering me such a great benefit. But, mostly, to Franki Vespa and James Beckley for all their help staying in touch with me, keeping me informed on the process, and letting me know what else I needed to send so that things could be completed and covered.

Again, I am very pleased and send my thanks.

~Cindy McDaniel Bowen
San Antonio

Rod Dunn and Donna Jeffrey with Inspector Clouseau Home Inspections in San Antonio, TX, are the owners of one of nearly 4000 top home inspection companies in North America you can find at InspectionCentral.net. With every inspection, they provide a RecallChek report and a 90-Day Limited Warranty from Residential Warranty Services and the RWS Inspector Services Group. Use the right inspector. Keep clients happy. - with Donna Jeffrey and Rod Dunn.

I am very happy with Golden Rule Home Inspections. Len Gluckstal is a very good and professional home inspector and he gave us a very detailed report. I really appreciate my Realtor Albert Baeza (Re'Max Realty Team in Cape Coral) referring him for our home inspection. Golden Rule provided a 90 day warranty and it quickly and easily resolved my plumbing problem I had after moving in. Thank you!

~Ronghua Zhang

Len Gluckstal with Golden Rule Home Inspections in Fort Myers, FL is one of nearly 4000 top home inspection companies in North America you can find at InspectionCentral.net. With every inspection, he provides a RecallChek report and a 90-Day Limited Warranty from Residential Warranty Services and the RWS Inspector Services Group.

I just got The Hungry Home Inspector book in the mail. Thanks Nathan. I'm on page 83, and it is amazing, I'm going to be sad when this book is finished. I would like to see you write a book about starting from scratch in this industry, everything from buying tools to education and marketing. I would honestly say that this is one of my all time favorite books, it ranks right next to another favorite read of mine The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach.

~Jason Denby, Home Inspector

Due to this report we discovered our dehumidifier has been recalled and we need to take action. This was so helpful!

~M. Murphy, Home Inspector Client
Venice, FL

After a year and a half using RecallChek successfully, I got some great feedback. Yesterday a Realtor who uses me was at an inspection. She said her cousin who I did an inspection for had a dishwasher come up on RecallChek. She said the company came out and installed a brand new dishwasher for free. I am a hero for her, and she could not quit praising me and RecallChek. It is so great to know when I tell someone it will be fixed or replaced for free, it really will be so.

Thanks Nathan for making me look good. Just wanted to share this with you guys.

~Bill Moore, Home Inspector
Buyers Inspection Services
San Antonio, TX

We have been utilizing the RecallChek and 90 Day Warranty (RWS) for some years now. We actually have agents and clients, when calling for a quote, making sure they get these services!

The word is out around our little area of the Gulf Coast of Alabama. We give these services to our clients at no charge. We appreciate the professionalism and courtesy given to our clients when there is an issue.

With your help we have grown our business to the point of hiring and training 2 new inspectors and office and marketing assistants because we stay so busy in the field now!!

We had an inspection company in our town that told some agents and customers that would call for a quote, that the warranty service we offered wasn't worth the paper it was written on. We prove them wrong all the time by getting the jobs they don't!

Thank you for helping our company grow.

We are grateful,

~Steve and Bridget Mears
A Pro Alliance Inspection Services

Nearly all of InterNACHI's most successful members utilize RecallChek, including the largest inspection company in the U.S. and thousands of others in nearly every market. It's so simple and inexpensive to implement, there's really no excuse NOT to offer this service. If you want to know how to make more money in this business, this is it. Differentiating yourself is key, and RecallChek is hands-down the best way to do exactly that. If I were to start an Inspection business tomorrow, the first thing I would do is join InterNACHI. The second thing I would do is sign up for RecallChek.

~Nick Gromicko
Founder, InterNACHI

As a home inspector, I appreciate the ability to offer a 90 day warranty to my clients. This helps make them feel even more at ease, and sets me apart that much more over my competition.

As for the recall check program, this is great! It is fast, accurate, the report is impressive on line and in print, and Clients love it!

I like offering this premium service, and appreciate the edge ever my competition. It is great sales tool when you are being selected from among other inspectors.

The folks at Residential warranty services are friendly, courteous, and helpful, and offer great services! I am glad to be associated with their company.

~Matthew Irion
M.K.I. Premium Home Inspections

Hi Michael Doerr,

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how impressed I am with the RecallChek program. I did an inspection yesterday, a Saturday (not normal), and submitted the RecallChek data late in the afternoon and I told my clients to expect it as early as next week. Imagine my surprise when I opened my e-mail this evening and saw the report within 12 hours. What great service! I'm impressed, and I'm sure my clients are impressed as well.

Thanks for everything you do for me!

~Jack Feldmann
Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.

Their service provided to my clients & Realtors is outstanding. They treat each claim for the 90 Day Warranty with Professionalism. They are aware of the stresses associated with a claim and they work non-stop to make sure the outcome is positive.

The RecallChek is such an outstanding product. One of our Realtors was gathering this information for his clients; now he relies on us and this report, which saves him time!

I have great trust in RWS. Their innovation is exciting and I always look forward to learning more about each product they introduce!

~Liz Rothweiler
Castle Home Inspections

I have been using RecallChek and 90 Day Warranty since day one and my clients love them.

I had one agent that was able to retrieve stolen appliances because of RecallChek, so that agent is sold on the program. (An unintended benefit of the program... having model and serial numbers available)!

Thank you for your support and the great innovation you continue to bring to our profession.

~David Ritchie
Touchstone Home Inspection Services

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